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Knowledge and Experience

A team of drilling engineers and 
rock cutting specialists


Epslog is composed of highly-qualified professionals from all over the world, who have combined their knowledge and experience towards the development of new technologies in material testing and interpretation of drilling data. Among them, some of the key original creators and developers of the scratch test joined their efforts to provide our clients with the best possible technical support and know-how.



Dr. Christophe Germay (Founder - Managing Director)

  • MS and PhD on non-linear drillstring dynamics analysis, UMN

  • Development of the Wombat

  • Rock cutting mechanics


Ing. Christophe Tilman (Director & DREAM Project Manager)

  • Instrumented sub project manager in DDS

  • Field experience as base manager in Algeria

  • Drill bit selection and design

  • Oilfield drilling data interpretation


Dr. Thomas Richard (Founder - South East Asia Manager)

  • MSc on single cutter tests, UMN

  • PhD on stick-slip vibrations modeling, UMN

  • Bit/rock interaction modeling

  • Oilfield drilling data interpretation

  • Instrumented sub project developer in DDS

  • Drilling mechanics lab supervisor, CSIRO


Dr. Tanguy Lhomme (Director - Paris)

  • Reservoir engineer with Shell for 8 years

  • PhD on hydraulic fracturing model at Delft University and MSc at UMN

  • Improved oil recovery, enhanced oil recovery, hydraulic fracturing, produced water reinjection, dynamic fracture modelling, geomechanics


Dr. Lutz Riepe (Director - Vienna)

  • 28 years in Oil & Gas Operational & Management Positions & 9 years University Research & Lecturer in Petrophysics

  • Expert in Petrophysics with in depth academic background and nearly 40 years of research and industry experience in Petroleum Engineering (PE)

  • Broad experience in petrophysical operations, special core analysis and advanced integrated formation evaluation techniques in a wide variety of clastic, carbonate and basement reservoirs


Dr. Luc Perneder

  • PhD and MSc on directional drilling, UMN

  • Bit/rock Interaction, directional drilling


Ing. Geoffrey Trine

  • MSc in mechanical and electrical engineering

  • Specialized in the design and production of laboratory equipments


Ing. Julien Monseur

  • MSc in mechanical and electrical engineering

  • Specialized in electronics and advanced programming


Ir. Catalina Peña

  • MSc on the scratch test, UMN

  • International experience in the mining and geotechnical industry, Barr engineering (USA) and AMEC (Peru)





Pr. Emmanuel Detournay (UMN)

  • Senior principal research scientist, CSIRO

  • Geomechanics expert

  • PhD on geo engineering

  • Drilling mechanics specialist

  • Inventor of the scratch test


Pr. Vincent Denoël (ULg)

  • Signal processing and structural identification expert

  • Torque & drag modeling in deviated wells

  • PhD in non-linear dynamical analysis of vibrations in structures

  • Expert in various aspects of probabilistic engineering


Margareth Fairhurst

  • Professional geologist with over 18 years of experience in mining, environmental, geotechnical and geochemical consulting