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New South Wales will fight to avoid plunging back into lockdown and instead focus on its economic recovery, as Victorians are told to brace for unprecedented Stage Four restrictions if it can't stop a spiralling breakout. The NSW Cabinet met on Monday to discuss how to cut infection rates without shutting down the economy in the wake of an outbreak at the Crossroads Hotel in Sydney's south-west which has infected 21 people since July 3. It is understood the Berejiklian Government will slash the number of patrons allowed in group bookings at pubs and hotels from 20 people down to 10. Large venues will not be allowed to have more than 300 patrons on the premises at one time under the new rules, expected to be unveiled today.

           (Image: [[|]])   Two women are seen wearing masks in Melbourne's CBD on Monday 
    (Image: [[|]])   Pictured: The Sydney venues feared to be at the centre of COVID-19 outbreaks

Coronavirus 'enforcement squads' will monitor 퍼스트카지노 social distancing at large v <br>Stricter requirements will be placed on venues to collect every patron's details for contact <br>Previously, pubs only needed to take details for one person in the party when people booked in g <br>At this stage the changes only apply to pubs, 솔카지노 Daily Mail Australia understands, and do not include restaurant d c<br>. Some senior ministers in the Berejiklian Government want to keep the NSW economy open even if that meant a sharp rise in cases for the state's hospital system - after businesses complained they can't afford a Victorian-style lockdown, [ re<br>ed. (Image: new_south_wales_will_fight_to_avoid) The Crossroads Hotel, Casula, on Monday - the epicentre of the latest coron us <br>ter (Image: new_south_wales_will_fight_to_avoid) Victorian police outside a public housing tower in Alfred Street, North Melbourne on Monday.

The tower is the only one of nine still to be sealed off. The other eight blocks are on Stage Three restrictions just like the res Me<br>rneFederal Treasurer Josh Frydenberg warned on Monday the unemployment rate could be much higher than official figures, reaching 13.3 per cent, when people on government support we ncl<br>. The New South Wales economy makes up roughly one third of Australia's gross dom c p<br>ct.New South Wales residents are on edge as the cluster of coronavirus cases linked to the Crossroads Hotel in Casula ballooned by seven on Monda re<br>21. (Image: new_south_wales_will_fight_to_avoid) Coronavirus testing in at the Crossroads Hotel, Casula, in southwest Sydney on Monday.

At least 21 infections have been linked to ou<br>ak (Image: new_south_wales_will_fight_to_avoid) Locals are temperature tested at Casula Central Medical Centre in Sydney' uth<br>t Ten of the infected people attended the hotel while 11 are their close contacts.

Police are investigating whether the Crossroads Hotel breached any del<br>. It is understood one of the infected people went to The Star casino in Sydney's CBD which was seen being disinfecte Mo<br>. The same day, Liquor and Gaming NSW fined $5000 for breaching COVID-19 health orders in allowing people to stand and mingle while dri g a<br>ol. RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next How Victorian authorities 'knew a housing commission tower... As Victoria reels in COVID-19 outbreak horror and fears grow... Sydney under siege: Gambler tests positive after going to... Melbourne man dies from coronavirus as Victoria announces...

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NSW Chief Health Officer Dr Kerry Chant said other venues across Sydney may have been exposed to the virus between June 27 and July 10 after visits from people linked to ou<br>ak.These include Picton Hotel, Planet Fitness gym in Casula, Canterbury Leagues Club, Narellan Town Centre and Zone Bowling i lla<br>. People who visited between these dates have been urged to g est<br> Â Reports have also surfaced of 30 Villawood Immigration Detention Centre guards who are now self-isolating after attending a party at the Cross s H<br>. 'Staff employed at VIDC who have recently been to the Crossroads Hotel are following advice from NSW Health and all are currently self-quarantining,' an Australian Border Force spokesperson said in a statem on <br>ay. (Image: new_south_wales_will_fight_to_avoid) Pictured: A pop-up testing clinic at the Crossroads Hot n C<br>a  (Image: new_south_wales_will_fight_to_avoid) Pictured: Melbourne's Chinatown was deserted on Monday.

Stage Three lockdown restrictions brought in on Thursday mean restaurants and cafes can only open for takeawa d d<br>eryQueues stretched for kilometres at Casula as people came to be tested at the Crossroads Hotel, while other testing stations in Sydney's west had wait times 5 m<br>es.Experts said Victoria's horror second wave could be replicated in New South Wales as the virus spreads 'l wil<br>e'.'We should be taking this very seriously, in the scenario of a pandemic these cases are like wildfire, small spots can spread very quickly if they aren't put out,' University of NSW epidemiologist Abrar Ahmad Chughtai told Police and SES volunteers outside housing commission towers in Alfred Street, Melbourne, where the coronavirus hard lockdown is still in force until Thursda ght'There could even be other chains of transmission in the community in NSW that we do not yet kn f.'Australian National University Associate Professor of Medicine Sanjaya Senanayake said early localised lockdowns, the Covid-safe app and face masks could prevent a Victoria-style second wave in ey.'In Sydney, if you get hotspots then early lockdowns can be very effective. Not city-wide, if you can get to it early it may just be the local areas,' h id.'(People in) south-west Sydney should wear face masks until the extent of the outbreak becomes known, and get the government coronaviru p.'Australian National University Medical School Professor Peter Collignon said NSW could still avoid a mass ou ak. Sydneysiders on edge. Pictured: People queued for hours to get a coronavirus test at the Crossroads Hotel, Casula, on Monday as the New South Wales outbreak ads Pictured: women walking in Melbourne's CBD on Monday. Facemasks are being encouraged as the community spread of the coroanvirus is now out of control in the Victorian tal'What we don't want is large numbers of people who are highly infectious transmitting it and that's why we have to concentrate on these outbreaks and concentrate on the most likely people who have it so that we can minimise the chance of large numbers of other people getting it,' he . Australia's total coronavirus cases approached 10,000 on Monday, with only Victoria and New South Wales regularly showing new cases of community transm on.Of the 9980 Australians who have had coronavirus since the start of the pandemic, 7769 have recovered, 1661 are sick right now while 108 hav ed.Victoria's second wave has brought 1612 active cases - more than 97 per cent of all the active cases in Australia, and 641 of them are from community transmission, the state's Department of Health and Human Services said on ay.Victoria recorded 177 new cases on Monday brought the state's total to 3967, surpassing New South Wales as the highest in the on.About 1000 Australian Defence Force personnel are heading to Victoria to help enforce the state's lockdown and tes . Doctor Norman Swan told ABC's 7.30 Report on Monday that the next four to five weeks were critical for Australia and would shape how people live until a vaccine is ava le.

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