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Version 2021.82 (Latest)

Contact us at to get a download link.
New/added features of this release:

  • new *.mat file import (tables)

bug correction:

  • drop vector on XY axis in log mode

Version 2021.05

New/added features of this release:

  • clustering toolbox: 3 methods are available: Kmean, Soft Kmean and Gaussian mixture model. Algorithms stability and accuracy are greatly improved. A weight of 0 is now allowed.
  • new action shortcut (escape key: configurable in the preferences) allowing quick settings on various tools.
  • new statistics CSV export
  • new vector list export options: MAT TXT CSV LAS(only depthbased)

bug correction:

  • more precise statistics on clusters

Version 2020.89

New/added features of this release:

  • main dream window has been refreshed with thumbnails instead of list for saved workspaces
  • tooltip added on several plots to get datapoint info
  • clutering toolbox: it is now possible to set input in log and modify weight
  • mouse change to clock when software is busy
  • assign action to keys in the preferences
  • vector “obsolete” property is now finalized
  • XY toolbox, more regression possibilities: power, exponential and logarithmic laws
  • completely redesigned statistic toolbox
  • when export to figure, you can predefine figure size in the preferences

bug correction:

  • dropping vectors on XY plot with log axis (better evaluation of dropping zone)

Version 2020.65

New/added features of this release:

  • XY toolbox, the regression equation and regression coefficient is now displayed on top of the window. number of digit & units have been also modified for better visualisation.
  • segmentation toolbox is completely redesigned. simpler to use and with the ability to visualise effect of settings instantaneously.
  • vectors have now a new 'description' field. the description can be changed using the vector property editor.
  • vectors, segmentations, constants property editor and navigation tooblox has been redesigned.
  • 2D log tool: when autorefresh is off, a click allow to move the visualisation zone.
  • CTRL key + arrow keys allow to move up/down (in depth) or left/right (in time).
  • new clustering toolbox
  • new pca toolbox

bug correction:

  • TDMS file import: vectors were imported in depth but should be time-based
  • Disconnected hardware: Dream cannot start because some hardware are disconnected
  • merge fcn

Version 2020.46

New/added features of this release:

  • Licence control: online check at software startup. 30days offline utilisation allowed
  • FREE version available without licence. Limited to 10 vectors, 5 segmentations and 3 workspaces
  • for vectors created from a formula, inputs are now editable
  • import of TXT, CSV, ASC and LAS file improved: it is now possible to define directly the reference vector and manage duplicate reference values as well as missing reference
  • improved vector list with a new “preferred” option as well as a new filtering system
  • vector property “Level” as been replaced by “Type”. “Type” property can be any string. In contrary to “TAG” property, same “Type” can be affected to several vectors. “Type” is also used for direct filtering in the vector list.
  • improved equation display of the regression line in XY graph
  • switch visibility off/on when cliking on vector list, segmentation list, constant list, vector properties or segmentation properties button instead of adding another tool in the workspace.
  • few more units included by default
  • minor change in the units editor cosmetic
  • bug correction temperature units

Version 2019.03

New/added features of this release:

  • add Latest version control (see the “About” menu)
  • Online help fully integrated
  • better management of missing units
  • more stable

Version 2019.02

  • add TDMS format import
  • new “video” tool
  • minor bug corrections
  • improved activity logging


  • Windows 10 is required
  • since V2020.46, Internet is required to control your license each time DREAM is run. DREAM can be run without internet during a maximum of 30 days after the last succesful online license control. The following information are transmitted to Epslog server: MAC adress, UserName, PCName, Dream version. These information are for internal use only and will never be shared outside Epslog.
  • Internet is also required to access the online help and send information in case of bug (no personal data are transmitted)
  • Although there is no special hardware requirements, we recommend to store your projects (*.dream and *.bin files) on a SSD drive with low access time to improve display performance especially if you play with large dataset.

First installation

  1. download latest version and run the installer
  2. during instalation, additional download may be required to install the Matlab Command Runtime (MCR). MCR has to be installed only once.
  3. once installation done, run DREAM.
  4. since v2020.46, if you have no license, the FREE version can be unlocked by providing a valid email adress. FREE version is limited to 10 vectors, 5 segmentations and 3 workspaces per project.
  5. if you have purchased a license, your license will be automatically retrieved from EPSLOG server. (internet connection required)

Your license file and personal settings are saved in your personal AppData folder (by default: C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Dream)


If an update is available, an asterisk (*) is displayed next to the “?” menu in Dream's main window. A button to access directly the download page (this page) is also displayed on the “About” window.

To update Dream:

  1. download latest version and run the installer
  2. during instalation, the Matlab Command Runtime (MCR) must not be installed anymore therefore, the update process is light.
  3. once installation done, run DREAM. Your current licence remain valid and there is nothing special to do.


Contact us at to get a quote. Licence are valid forever and include one year maintenance and updates.
Maintenance plan is required for further updates. If no license, the FREE version can be unlocked by providing a valid email adress.

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